That leaves us fans asking, “If Hasbro challenges kids to make monsters, why can’t us fans young and old make our own Power Rangers?” We, the Ranger Nation have a fine tradition of making our own Rangers either by hand or digitally. Hopefully, Hasbro can open up a contest where fans young and old can make up their own Power Rangers and then have them shared with the media. If you have a Ranger you would like to make up, give out the full details in the comments below. I know about this topic intimately because I used to work for Cambridge Analytica – the data company which works on elections and commercial advertising campaigns. The problem starts with the Silicon Valley tech platforms, which track our every movement and make us easy to target. I believe that if we act together, we can change the business model to the benefit of people globally.

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Many people are facing randomly disabled accounts with limited explanations as to why, and no functional appeals process. \nObviously Facebook think, that violence can only be executed against humans and not against animals. But violence against animals is also unacceptable and morally wrong. change org facebook This doesn’t seem to be the case for Facebook and some of their users. \nc) Platforms must take steps to ensure that such a flagged person is not permitted to make new accounts or go private with their existing accounts that continue to violate any laws under the Indian Penal Code.

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The voices against Article 13 in its current form are getting heard. It is being discussed throughout the parliament and in the public. More and more people are gettiing aware of this important topic. The LGBT community in Poland suffers from homophobia and transphobia fueled by politicians, religious and secular leaders and the lack of protective laws makes them scared of living in their own home country.

Facebook’s legacy option allows users to name a person who has access to your Facebook page after you pass. I had every intention to keep his memory alive through his Facebook page, sharing memories and pictures with his friends and family. Unless there is a change, what happened to me could happen to you.

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Facebook and You Tube need to quit playing games and stop monetizing these people with monkey abuse videos. Also, if they see a channel has been set up from Cambodia or Vietnam, where it’s illegal to even own monkeys, they need to remove it indefinitely. Save these poor monkeys from the ongoing abuse of these people! \nOur children are in danger the moment they log on social media. We constantly read enough about Pedo’s receiving light sentences from judges or not jail time at all to only walk free and repeat the abuse. The number one priority right now needs to be protecting the innocence of children who are naive and not aware they could be groomed from a fake account pretending to be a child themselves.

\nThe directive is on the way to the last vote in the european parliament. In 2021, Hasbro challenged kids all around the country to create their very own monsters. The monster one makes must be drawn by hand, and the winner with the most impressive artwork gets featured in Power Rangers media.

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Please sign this petition to get rid of the annoying wave function on Facebook messenger. Facebook used to be a very fun and completely free-to-speak website/platform but now, it’s just a complete waste of time for anybody who’s got a life and doesn’t agree with everything Zuckerberg believes. \nWe call on Facebook to change this and consider animal welfare.

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\nReposting and sharing sexually explicit content depicting a person under 18 is a crime and should not be excused on social media, including Instagram. A minor between the ages of 12 and 15 has recently had explicit images of her revealed and reposted on the internet, specifically Instagram, as a result of a trending \”foreigner challenge\”. These accounts refuse to remove the video and reporting it to Instagram headquarters does next to nothing.

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On May 10, 2016, my husband George was killed in the Taunton, MA mall rampage. He was eating at a mall restaurant and was stabbed to death trying to protect a pregnant waitress. In my time of mourning, I often turned to his Facebook page to remember the funny, loving man that he was. I wasn’t the only one, and I knew I would want to use his page to continue to celebrate his life. But because George and I were not familiar with Facebook’s legacy option before he died, I am now grieving for my husband and fighting Facebook to grant me access to his account.

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(Change) is a multimillion dollar for-profit private company, not a nonprofit public charity as many falsely assume. The company began as a nonprofit that connected charities to donors, but has transitioned into a for-profit company that makes money by selling advertised petitions on its website,

\nPlease join us in and sign this petition to reverse Instagram’s potentially destructive update. \nOne small business, @goldenhippieco said “I’m a small business owner and repost are like digital word of mouths! I need this feature to stay @goldenhippieco” on another similar petition. \nWomen in India have been conditioned to silence their fears, anxieties, traumas and targeted abuse. This becomes our way of life, but not without impacting our sanity, mental health, self-worthand dignity. Reports were pouring in and it seemed like it would take too long to sort them out and delete the suspicious accounts.


Every 5 minutes, ISIS bot accounts sent the statement claiming responsibility for the attacks, along with links to pro ISIS accounts with a bloody picture of the Bataclan massacre, as their header image. As for the messages’ content, they sneered at us, gave praise to their « brave lions » , kept threatening us and posting jihadi propaganda videos. Contact five persons directly with a call to action and to sign the petition. \nPlease kindly assist our country by stopping this military coup as it is happening right now in Myanmar. Aung San Suu Kyi’s party won a landslide victory in the recent election and the new parliament is due to start in the next few hours in Myanmar. We need your urgent appropriate action in intervention to stop this military coup to protect the people of Myanmar and the democratically elected NLD government.

I just signed the petition “Help Save Our Daughter Hannah” and wanted to see if you could help by adding your name. \n2) Instagram has recently seen an influx of information and resources spreading on its platform, primarily through the function of feed to story resharing. \nFor artists especially, this has been a main way that they’ve received more clients and increased their audiences. Taking this feature away would only serve to benefit large corporations, while robbing smaller creators of the opportunity to succeed independently.

Facebook’s mission is to give people the power to share and make the world more open and connected. \nI’ve read the stories of other Facebook users around the world who are also finding themselves stuck with overage fees because Facebook decided to trade on our loyalty for profit. As a mobile customer I know my contract with AT&T allows 2GB of data use per month and I use it responsibly so I don’t have to pay overage fees. However, this month, I received a message from my phone carrier that I had used my monthly allowance in just 15 days, something that had never happened before. When an Art lover posted « The Origin of the World » by Gustave Courbet on Facebook, unsurprisingly, the ingenious porn-detection algorithm found it immediately. \nHe created a group which engaging in bully, defamation, abusive language, hate speech, and vulgar imagery targeting Thailand’s Head of State as well as Thai people who disagrees with them.

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