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Dental 1% Club

What Others Say

Dr Peter Wroth

Principal Dentist at Accent Dental Care

After being accepted into the 1% club at the beginning of 2020 the advice we received through COVID has helped our practice go from strength to strength this year and we’re now on track to increase our annual revenue by over $1.4 million within 12-months.

Dr Joe Alphonse

Principal Dentist at Oatlands Dental

By applying all the lessons from this network we’ve managed to double the practice revenue within 12-months and increase our monthly revenue by over $60,000 each month whilst still operating as a single chair practice. I’m excited to see what we can do over the next 12-months as we expand our premises and plan to double the practice revenue again this year and can’t wait to play the game!!

Dr Sam Guirguis

Principal Dentist at Natural Dentistry

I have been very lucky and grateful to have been introduced to this network and through the coaching we’ve been able to increase the practice revenue to $1.3 million within 12-months which has more than doubled the practice in that time. We’re expecting to more than double over the next 12-months and for the first time ever we were able to reach Platinum Provider with Invisalign doing over 50 Invisalign cases in less than 6-months.

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© Copyright 2022 Dentalprenr.