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Join Semester 2 – Series 1 Lectures

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Business is meant to be fun, and whilst you’ll go fast if you go alone, you’ll go far if you go together.

Ask yourself:

👉 What does it cost you to open the practice after hours or weekends?
👉 Are the after hours and weekends appointments more desirable for your patients?
👉 Have you invested in further education and development for your team?
👉 Do you incentivize your team when they go above and beyond?

Busy to the point it can feel stressful is a problem… but, it’s one of the best problems you can have in business!

Remember the polyvagal theory, there are 3-modalities:

1 – Safety
2 – Fight or Flight
3 – Freeze

What are you doing to stay in safety and keep the rest of the team in safety? 

The fight or flight modality can easily take over… and whilst it often doesn’t affect right now, it can have a negative impact on the next 3-months.

Answer these 5-questions about the dental practice to change the narrative:

1 – Have you been hiring in abundance and found yourself the right Client Experience Manager?
2 – Do you have a core inner circle group of team members and given them a profit share opportunity?
3 – What’s your profitability, the potential EBIT multiple and an idea of what other practices are selling for?
4 – Have you set yourself clear lead targets and have a time frame in mind where they may flow?
5 – Are you using the 5-pillars of self-mastery to not fall into the general narrative of the industry?

Attracting, recruiting and retaining top talent:

  • Why a Client Experience Manager (CEM) is vital to the growth of the practice
  • How to write a job ad and where to post to have an abundance of applicants for the CEM role
  • How to structure the best remuneration plan for a CEM
  • When you should and should not do a virtual consultation
  • A blueprint to maximise conversions from a virtual consultation
  • How to find, attract and retain top associate dentists and dental assistants

A deep dive into the 5-areas that should be avoided in the dental practice:

1 – Don’t play the victim modality
2 – Not protect your environment
3 – Ignoring the CEO’s ego
4 – Not handing over control
5 – Not focusing on the Dentalprenr growth essentials

Avoiding these 5-mistakes allows you to increase profitability, reduce the principal dentists clinical hours, and build a championship team!

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