What Are The Basics Of Trading Forex For Beginners?

Contents Price Interest Point or PIP Why Use a Dark Pool? A Guide to… The Basics of Forex Trading What Moves the Forex Market? Forex Day Trading Risk Management Moreover, you should also know how to calculate the odds and whether they are in your favor or not. After all, you want to minimize your losses but keep […]

The Best RSI-Based Strategies That Will Help You Improve Your Trading

Contents RSI Trading Strategy: The RSI 80-20 Rule How to Use RSI in Forex The RSI Indicator strategy Determining trend direction RSI Oversold Condition A dip in the range below 30 suggests an oversold market / overstretched downward trend and the chances of a recovery increase. If the RSI breaks through the threshold at 30 […]

Forex Trading Academy Best Educational Provider

Contents Data collection notice Choosing a Lot Size – Micro Lots and Mini Lots How much money do you need to trade forex? How Leverage Impacts Lot Size ⚖️ So, whenever you are trading, it should be very easy to simply open your account details and see the amount displayed in front of you. So, […]

Bearish Candlestick Patterns PDF Guide Free Download

Contents Bearish Harami Other Technical Analysis Best Bearish Candlestick Patterns for Day Trading [Free Cheat Sheet!] Consecutive Black Candlesticks Bullish harami Enter a trade, define the target profit and a set stop-loss This means if you are observing a one-month chart, you will likely see 20 candlestick patterns. Japanese candlestick charts, however, can also represent […]